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  • April 5, 2019


ICS is an emotion that warms up a delicious menu of quality food and catering services at corporate workspaces. We have a sheer passion for food and offer customized solutions to suit the needs of our clientele. Our customers constitute the heart of our priority and we as a team dedicate ourselves to serving them an honest meal and a superior catering experience. This has made ICS, the preferred food partner for its clients which has fostered long-term association with renowned names in the corporate world. On the basis of consistent quality, integrity, responsiveness, and continuous improvements based on client feedback ICS have been the first choice food service company.


We create food retail solutions in workplaces and education institutes, giving more food choices to consumers. Through our small-format food retail concepts, such as Chit Chaat and the Tuck Shop, we create memorable dining experiences on a daily basis. Our team focuses on global food trends and offers nutritious, healthy, high-quality and cost-efficient food solutions.

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Commercial Kitchens Design

Assembling a distinctively feasible kitchen that confirms to quicker turnaround time and practicality is key in delivering superior catering experience. We at ICS have a wide range of experience in kitchen designing, dealing with designers and architects, cost engineers, catering equipment manufacturers, and local specialists.
Our expertise in designing and managing multiple catering projects has helped us gain an edge in heading and facilitating commercial kitchens. We believe that it is important to ensure the precise installation of catering equipment and to secure your investment and its lifespan.
We believe that in order to ensure a facility’s functional lifespan, it is imperative to maintain your equipment and train your staff in its proper usage. We will make sure that your new facility is secured with a good warranty period as well as acquire the needful annual maintenance contracts (AMC).