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Our People

  • May 21, 2019

Our commitment to hiring, training and rewarding the right people ensures that our employees are more than just hard workers. Our employees receive continual access to professional development and proprietary skills training. That’s our promise as trusted partners and service providers.
That’s the ICS way.

Why ICS people are industry experts?

Our people are highly professional, experienced, and deft at what they do because we are committed in terms of developing our employees and providing various opportunities to grow their career, by undertaking new projects, learning opportunities, internal development courses or externally accredited training. The options include e-learnings, MDPs and Cook development .

programs.Through incentive schemes or great perks, we keep our employees motivated. We know the importance of rewarding our people for their dedication. Whether it’s our annual Star Awards, a weekly ‘well-done’ or on-the-spot praise, reward and recognition is part of our daily routine.


  • We provide individual development programmes to help staff at all levels in the company identify and fulfill their potential – the key to achieving the highest standards of customer service.
  • The HR, Accounting, IT and Marketing teams in our Corporate office are always on hand to support clients and develop strategies.
  • Our QHSE Department administers the best practices in hygiene, food safety, and environment through regular audits, adding value to our clients and customers.

Learning Programs

"Our employee centric approach and commitment to quality training enables us to attract and retain the best people. We as a team share the same principles of providing our customers with quality food and dedicated service.”

E-Learning Programs

E-Learning Programs

Offering orientation and associate training for SOPs through e-learning modules.

Management Development Programs

Management Development Programs

Fast track management development programs for our employees at the corporate office in functions such as business development, marketing and HR.

Culinary Skills Development Program

Culinary Skills Development Program

Ophisticated and highly relevant programs for chefs and cooks to hone their culinary skills.