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  • April 4, 2019

ICS Hospitality is a food-focused, chef-centric organization. Our team members are committed to making a difference in people’s lives each day. We hire individuals that are exceptional in their field, focused on providing exemplary service and in alignment with our company values. We are driven by our love of food and mission to create innovative culinary experiences for the people we serve.

We hire professionally-trained chefs and other professionals to help us create and serve food that is wholesome, delicious and supports sustainability. We offer employee benefits and programs that are some of the most progressive in the industry. We support our employees with medical and financial benefits, world-class resources, as well as development and training opportunities.

What’s more, throughout our operations we strive to achieve a safe, diverse and inclusive workforce that our employees can be proud of.

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Current Opening

Designation: Project Manager & Hospitality Manager

Location: IMT Manesar & Alwar

Experience: Minimum 8 Years

Industrial catering experience is must

Interested candidates can submit their resume at  hr@icsfoods.in and neeraj.malhan@icsfoods.in

Job Description

a.  The candidate must have ability to manage personnel and meet financial targets
b.  Control operational costs and identify measures to cut waste
c.  Regularly review product quality and research new vendors
d.  Design exceptional menus, purchase goods and continuously make necessary improvements
e.  Identify customers needs and respond proactively to all of their concerns
f.  Ability to multitask and prioritize projects
g.  Develop risk assessments and pricing structures for products to work toward commercial efforts. Financial planning and budgeting are an important aspect of this job.
h.  Assess risks and make recommendations based on analysis of all factors affecting a business situation.
i.  Responsible for maintaining existing customer relationships and developing the contract with the regional business plan and Company strategy
j.  Responsible for HSE compliance within the catering services.
k.  Manage the Catering Operation with the available resources within budget and to achieve sales and GP targets.
l.  To deliver the highest possible standard of food with the resources available and within budget.
m.  To ensure the prompt and efficient service of all meals, snacks and beverages to the required standards and give regular feedbacks.
n.  To ensure that all F&B service areas are clean and maintained well.
o.  To ensure stewards/ supervisors are always correctly dressed.
p.  To ensure staffing levels are corrects and to agreed standard and are not exceeded without prior consultations.
q.  To ensure that company and statutory hygiene standards are maintained in all areas.
r.  To ensure effective trainings/ briefings of the staff
s.  Daily checks of cash process, inventory control, food wastage control and material cost control.
t.  Daily walk through of the out lets and share observation with client.
u.  Introduce new item in the cyclic menu.
v.  Implementation of effective feedback mechanism and timely corrective and preventive majors.

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