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  • March 28, 2019

Why Us?

We believe that the pursuit of happiness can be found in the goodness of a healthy and nutritious meal. Our service is heightened by culinary expertise and commitment to serving a smile prepared with farm fresh ingredients and creativity.

We at ICS, deliver freshly cooked, responsibly sourced, quality food that supports our customers in achieving their desired goals through a mo*vated, enthusias*c and passionate team.

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What We Do


Introduce better choices in meals and snacks with a focus on healthy, nutritious and wholesome dining experience.


Training is paramount for the future of any business, at ICS we make a difference through our people by providing necessary training.


Well trained, experienced chefs working with quality local produce delivering the best possible catering provision.


Keeping it fresh, local and where possible organic and doing our bit to reduce food wastage.

Our Values

ICS Hospitality is a family of professionals with personal values. The daily interactions our customers, clients, and suppliers engage in are guided by our goal to deliver service without compromise. Our values are what differentiate us, and are essential to our success.

Dignity & Self-Respect

We believe in respect, dignity and consideration for all the stakeholders involved including our employees, management, regulatory bodies and the client We encourage long-lasting relationships and social well-being in communities in which we operate.

Customer Service

Everything we do, “dedication and motivation for great customer service” is at the heart of it. We take care in getting to know our clients and customers. We listen to their needs and pay attention to detail. We make ourselves available and responsive, welcoming and efficient.

'Never Give - In' Attitude

We bear a responsibility towards our suppliers, guests, clients, shareholders, partners and employees; both individual and collective
We are always looking for new ways to ensure we’re offering the best possible products and services

Hard work, Integrity & Continuous Self-Improvement

We are strictly against corrupt practices and unfair competition. We condemn all practices not based on honesty, integrity and fairness. We are all in for self-assessment, because understanding one’s successes as well as one’s failures is fundamental to continuous improvement

Commitment to Safe & Hygienic food

Alongside our number one operational priority of commitment to offer safe and hygienic food. We also focus on: Sourcing, People, Environment and Health. As a company’s commitment to exceeding expectations and good corporate citizenship, we have set the very highest standards for the quality of service and products we provide